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[  this room rolls through a chronological tour of my music videos! click on any thumbnail to warp to that YouTube page.  ]

[    e r a - 1  /  e x p e r i m e n t s   ]

[  mixes / journeys  ]

photosynthesist & ride on, fuji-san  ]

[  over christmas 2018, a close friend wanted to collaborate shooting a music video, and there was this instant electricity behind the camera, something felt so 'at home' working in Premiere for the first time. i'd failed at creative expression too many times to count, and yet here i immediately knew i needed more. some of the first projects to come to life were album-length mixtapes of artists i admired: Mort Garson, Tatsuro Yamashita, etc. the longer format of these early videos is something i really enjoy and hope to get back to working in; 'photosynthesist' in particular captures the entire energy i want to keep bringing.  ]

[  vaporwave & y2k  ]

talk to you & a hillside town  ]

chalawan & media center  ]

[  the goal is to make videos that feel 'lived in', immersive. this particular art style has always interested me but, beyond that it allowed a little more experimenting with the editing software. it would take probably a week or so of deliberating just to find the right track to fit the mood i was in and the footage i had. the very worst part was constantly running into copyright strike issues after i'd already gotten invested into a song- needless to say that wouldn't work in the long run.  ]

[    e r a - 2  /  o r i g i n a l   t r a c k s   ]

[  free time  ]

observation deck & escape pod  ]

routines & face block  ]

[  2020 allowed me to stop procrastinating on audio production. i'd been playing guitar for a while (hope to add my own riffs etc. into channel tracks ?) but full composition into something like FL Studio is a bit different of a skillset. that said, it only took six months or so to start feeling more comfortable. the lego island vapor-remix 'observation deck' holds an incredibly close place to my heart (if you know, you KNOW); that one was all screen-recorded from my own gameplay as well  ]

[  figuring things out  ]

muses & blizzaga  ]

[  i guess it's hard to know what kind of aura will metamorphesize in a song even if you have an explicit plan with a fresh project file. i try not to make the same thing twice, so tonally the videos tend to jump around. 'muses' was the first one with video footage from my own camera (which I have named Lumina, after Brave Fencer Musashi ^^). other than that i just sorta take note to which videos the kelp fam seems to enjoy the most, and try to incorporate at least one new 'technique' into each song and vid.  ]

[  the future  ]

[ genuinely not working on a video just makes me feel listless, lol. generally speaking i just seek to keep pushing what i'm capable of. a big, meaty audiovisual album or EP that somehow mixes production skills, irl instruments, my own camera footage, all chopped and edited with care- is the current high-level stretch goal (especially after my computer is able to be replaced ._. ) anyway, many thanks if you're still along for the ride :)  ]

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